Rail wipers

For many years Exalto has been a successful provider of wiper systems for a variety of train models.

For many years Exalto has been a successful provider of wiper systems for a variety of train models.

In cooperation with customers and institutes Exalto has developed many systems that are in operation around the world, providing services in most climates and in many cases under severe circumstances.

Durable systems, highest quality, safe products.
Trains & trams

Have a look at our range of wiper systems specifically designed for rail application. For locomotives, light rail vehicles and EMU/DMU markets we have designed, tested, and manufactured innovative, but safe systems.

All kind of motor drives are available, with specific arms and linkages to provide you with an optimal wiping area. With our experience in the rail field, we have introduced a variety of product specialties to optimize the usage of our systems in the rail area. For specific references and showcases we ask you to contact us directly.

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The engineers at Exalto help you create the best and safest view for all sorts of locomotives. In good collaboration with both engineering departments, we ensure the best solution and provide you with all the necessities to enjoy a long-lasting high-quality wiper system.

Our test facility enables us to exactly tell you when for example a wiper blade needs to be replaced or at what interval maintenance assures a system for the length of days.


Exalto Wiper Technologies offer a range of retrofit kits to replace your pneumatic wiper system. From the field we identified technical and costs problems arisen from intensive use of pneumatic wiper systems. In case the remaining lifetime of the train is sufficient a retrofit kit from Exalto will present you a variety of advantages.

Our Conversion kits are specifically designed for use as direct replacements for pneumatic wipers. We can either supply standard wiper conversion kits, or design with you a specific system to suit your needs.

Rail project management

The development of the correct wiper system for a new to be developed train cabin is not an easy task. Local regulation, operator wishes, cabin restrictions, environmental challenges, all to be incorporated in a durable, safe, and high-performance system. Exalto supports you with the development of these projects with a structured and qualified management system that guarantees you the right product for the job. Our organization operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Exalto Design And Development Engineering Support​

Exalto designs its own equipment. Experience, drive to innovate,  bench and field tests, field feedback from over 30 years are the ingredients for our current and future designs. Designs that have been transformed into products that are used all over the world in a variety of applications. Many thousands for all kind of environments.

This engineering capacity is continuously striving to improve our products and is available to support you in the best solution for your application. With modern 3D software we are able to give you a complete new view. With software simulated examples and/or prototype testprojects. Let us support you with our knowledge!

Exalto permanent testroom for endurance and development testing

Exalto does type test all standard product prior to introduction to the market. With increasing demands for window growing sizes and therefore extended requirement of length of arm and blades, we feel the need to endurance test.

In our facility in The Netherlands we have a permanent test facility to undertake a variety of tests on complete systems and on individual parts. Also external bench tests are used to generate substantial product proof prior to market use.

External test in extreme weather environment

Exalto wipers are tested for reliability and endurance in the most extreme conditions. Exalto wipers are by proven to perform under the most heavy weather conditions.

Featured projects

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Greateranglia (Stadler, East Anglia, United Kingdom)

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Dosto Mälartäg ab transitio (Stadler, Stockholm, Sweden)