About us


Exalto does type test all standard product prior to introduction to the market.

Testing facility

With increasing demands for window growing sizes and therefore extended requirement of length of arm and blades, we feel the need to endurance test.

In our Netherlands facility we have a permanent test facility to undertake a variety of tests on complete systems and on individual parts. Also, external bench tests are used to generate substantial product proof prior to market use. Exalto wipers are tested for reliability and endurance in the most extreme conditions and are by proven to perform under the heaviest weather conditions.

Proven quality

We do not presume we are the best; we proof ourselves to be convinced. Every product we provide the market has been thoroughly tested in our own testing facility to be most confident your application is equipped with the highest standard and assures you dependability.

The choice of the right materials and the pledge of a product that proofs it reliability because it has been tested to withstand the rough environments it can overcome makes us say we guarantee the best product. A promise is a promise, our guarantee is accompanied with a comprehensive warranty.