Decca Straightline wiper systems • Controller


Exalto Wiper control CT3N


Latest electronic multivolt Wiper control for all 24V Straightline systems.
Now with a modern and sleek design and new extra features like:
• heater switch
• single sweep button
• back light dimmer (three colour options and dimming facility).
Wipers can be switched individually or in any combination. The complete
wiper control consists of one fl ush mount panel, 2 relay boxes and 5 mtr CAT5 connection cables to connect the panel and the relay boxes. The wiper control offers two continuous speeds, three intermittent modes and a wipe/wash feature. With this control the system will not be synchronized due to different stroke Straightline wipers being used on one install. Systems can also be generated for greater numbers of Straightline wipers by either multiple control pan or grouped operation. Also various other original Decca control systems are available.
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Max. arm length:

Wiper arm for 500-800 mm blade length or wiper arm for 900-1000 mm blade length

Max. blade length:

500 mm up to 1000 mm in length

Arm type: