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Exalto Wiper Technologies, based in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands, has established a name of quality combined with a high level of technical know-how in the marine industry. In our large Wiper workshop, we can produce the best wiper systems that suit the demands of the market.

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Exalto Wiper Technologies is committed to the design, manufacturing and supply of windscreen wiping systems, washing equipment and associated control systems offering excellent quality, performance reliability and safety that satisfy the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers.

Now thousands of window wiper systems are being fabricated and found worldwide sales. In the maritime sector, but also by train and tram builders.

“Exalto has always responded to customer inquiries.”


When a customer had problems with a wiper, Exalto decided we could make something better ourselves. Gradually an independent production facility emerged from it. In the late seventies the company involved a new premises at the business park in Hardinxveld-Giessendam in the Netherlands where it still resides and where a large warehouse with a great stock, an engineering works and wiper production and assembly facility is located.

There is a complete test facility at the company to test whether the systems meets the standards and to be convinced about durable quality. In 2022 we will move to a brand-new premises to get ready for the future.

Test Facility

Exalto Design and Development Engineering Support

Exalto designs its own equipment. Experience, drive to innovate, bench and field tests, field feedback from over 40 years are the ingredients for our current and future designs. Designs that have been transformed into products that are used all over the world in a variety of applications. Many thousands for all kind of environments.

This engineering capacity is continuously striving to improve our products and is available to support you in the best solution for your application. With modern 3D software we can give you complete new view. With software simulated examples and/or prototype tests projects.

Exalto permanent test room for endurance and development testing

Exalto does type test all standard product prior to introduction to the market. With increasing demands for window growing sizes and therefore extended requirement of length of arm and blades, we feel the need to endurance test.

In our Netherlands facility we have a permanent test facility to undertake a variety of tests on complete systems and on individual parts. Also, external bench tests are used to generate substantial product proof prior to market use.

Proven quality

We do not presume we are the best, we proof ourselves to be convinced. Every product we provide the market has been thoroughly tested in our own testing facility to be most confident your application is equipped with the highest standard and assures you dependability. The choice of the right materials and the pledge of a product that proofs it reliability because it has been tested to withstand the rough environments it can overcome makes us say we guarantee the best product. A promise is a promise, our guarantee is accompanied with a comprehensive warranty.

Worldwide Sales

Exalto Wiper Technologies has a worldwide network of representatives to cover sales and service of our products. See our Representative list.

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