Decca Straightline wiper systems • Straigthline motors


Decca Straightline DW80


The Straightline Wiper system is made to meet your specific needs. With this system it is possible to wipe 90% of your window. The Straightline wiper is suitable for windows from 0.5 meter upto 3 meters. it is available as single or twin system (one or two arms). Mounting a Straightline wiper system is a breeze. The system works perfectly in a temperature range of -40°C and +50°C. The motor is mounted externally and integral to the systems casing, made of seawater resistant anodised aluminium in white powder coating. The arm is adjustable in length, and also the spring pressure is adjustable. The control can be configured to control either one or multiple groups of wipers. Voltages available are 24VDC, 110VAC and 230VAC. The Straightline cable is necessary to connect to the wiper motor and is supplied complete with IP66 plug connector. The cable lengths are 3m, 5m or 10m. Also various control systems are available.
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Max. arm length:

Wiper arm for 500-800 mm blade length or wiper arm for 900-1000 mm blade length

Max. blade length:

500 mm up to 1000 mm in length

Arm type: