24 November 2022
‘There is no such thing as an average working day!’

What a journey Robbert van den Berg has already had! Literally and figuratively, he has already seen a lot of the world before joining us as operational manager over a year ago. In this interview, he talks about his background, his work, and his motivation!

Robbert van den Berg


Robbert: “Business unit manager, operational manager, or company manager: it’s just a name you give a job. In the end, it’s the people who do the work. Employees deserve the attention they should get. Leveraging their strengths should be a goal for the company. That demands patience, attention, and time!” It’s the team that makes the dream work!

New ERP system

“There are a lot of changes in the coming period: the move to a new facility, but also the implementation of the new ERP system requires a lot from people. After a long time, working methods change and people wonder what that means for them,” Robbert continues. “The core of my job is that I am responsible for the products and the shop floor, right down to sales and purchasing. In short: there is no such thing as an average working day!”

Looking to the future

Robbert: “My job consists of ‘looking to the future’. How do we make sure we safeguard what we do and able us to grow towards the future. Securing and improving, I call it. Exploiting developments and providing practical solutions for our customers. An example of such a development is the addition of Decca Wiper: that affects our Research & Development department!”

Efficient, orderly, and enjoyable work

“Part of my job is acquisition of new customers,” Robbert explains. “Very pragmatically, that comes down to approaching customers. I hop on the plane and go. I then have contact with existing Customers, dealers and potential new customers. And in the meantime, I try to make sure my colleagues can do their work efficiently, orderly and in the most pleasant way possible. Without them I can’t do my job."

Encourage and invest

Robbert: “Personally, I think it’s important that people can grow into their work. And a good example is that an Engineer in the workshop who has ambitions to become a buyer. We then set out a learning path and pair him with the our most experienced buyer. Encourage and invest, that’s what it’s all about! Ultimately, you determine your own path: put that dot on the horizon and work towards it. I think along with my colleagues and give them opportunities. Facilitation is the best thing to do! In all areas: supporting dealers, customers, and colleagues!”

Continuing training

Robbert had a long journey before he ‘arrived’ at Exalto Wiper Technologies. “Via the technical school in Electrical Engineering, I came into non-residential construction. Soon, I started taking evening courses in hydraulic, Electronic, Welding, Diesel engines, after which I ended up at a large machine rental company: we rented out crawler cranes, work platforms and high-pressure equipment. Meanwhile, as responsibilities grow, I kept taking training courses leading people, management courses. For an American company, I set up business units in the UK and in Dubai. During these years I also completed my Technical Business Management exam after two years. I travelled a lot in all these years and met many beautiful people!”

Fast and direct

And then the opportunity at Exalto Wiper Technologies presented itself. Robbert: “I feel right at home here, right from the moment I entered! It is a flat organisation; all doors are open, and hierarchy only exists on paper. You can be yourself here! We discuss things among ourselves, quickly and directly, without fuss. It’s all based on trust. It’s a fun club and I still see so many opportunities here!”

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