03 August 2022
First piles hit!

The construction of our new location at the Hakgriend in Hardinxveld-Giessendam has started! We celebrated this with a festive gathering on 13 July. Our employees are eager to move into the new building: we plan to move in during the first quarter of 2023.

With our new premises, we can take steps towards further professionalisation and digitalisation. The future new premises will bring many advantages, both for Exalto Decca Wiper Technologies and for our wholesale business.

Fresh start

With our new premises on the Hakgriend, we are able to make a fresh start. This is reflected, among other things, in the increased number of test rooms and representative areas.

Good appearance

The functionality is greatly improved by a logical and convenient layout. Both with Wipers and with the wholesaler, we will be working in height from now on. This allows us to store more efficiently, and products become more accessible. Also, because we are laying out the logistics flow correctly in one go.

Further digitalisation

The logistics process will be much more functional in the new building. We are taking steps in the field of stocks and warehouse management. In the new situation, we are working with scanning solutions. We are implementing a new ERP system, with which we can support our processes even better. Further digitalisation is also part of our next steps.

Working greener

There is great enthusiasm among all employees to move into the new building. It is a common and positive goal that we live for! Thanks to the construction methods and choices we are making, we will soon be working even greener.

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