27 October 2022
Light & fire resistant: many advantages for the rail industry

Ahead of the Innotrans trade fair on transport technology, we were looking for an alternative to the wiper fluid tanks in trains. This is because those 'classic' stainless steel tanks come with several limitations.

Exalto Wiper Technologies -wiper fluid tank for trains

Supplier of train wipers

Exalto Wiper Technologies has been a successful supplier of wiper systems for various train models for many years. We have developed many systems that operate under harsh conditions and in most climates around the world. Our Head of Engineering and Research & Development, Wouter Boer, talks about the unexpectedly smooth solution we found in cooperation with Poly Products from Werkendam.

Alternative solution

Wouter: “InnoTrans is a biennial major international trade fair for railway technology and rolling stock at Berlin's Messegelände. At this trade fair, we wanted to present our customers with an alternative solution to the 'complicated' stainless steel tanks containing wiper fluid. 'Complicated' because they must meet unexpectedly stringent requirements.”


“The tanks have to be welded in the rail industry under strict certifications,” continues Wouter. In addition, weight reduction plays an important role. We are always looking for weight-saving materials for our clients: in the end, every kilo saves!”


Wouter: “I knew Poly Products from previous collaborations. Using their 3D-printer, they were able to deliver an excellent prototype at very short notice! Instead of the ‘heavy’ stainless steel, we now offer a safe and much lighter solution with fire-retardant polyester!”

Fire retardant

“Fire-retardant material is an important safety requirement,” Wouter stresses. “The mould is printed, around which the fire-retardant polyester tank is built. The tanks, with a capacity up to thirty litres, can also be equipped with various options such as a level meter, level switch and heating. Due to the quick delivery, we were able to present the prototype at InnoTrans already!”


Wouter: “The advantages of our cooperation with Poly Products, apart from the safe and light polyester, are their experience in the rail industry and the corresponding certifications! We are very satisfied with the solution and the - regional - cooperation!”

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