20 April 2023
Stella proud distributor in Australia

Dutch Exalto Wiper Technologies is also very well represented on the other side of the world. David Tanner is Technical Sales Manager at Stella: they handle the distribution of Exalto wipers for the whole of Australia!

Exalto Wiper Technologies - dealer stella

David is very proud that Stella has secured this position. He is very pleased with Exalto Wiper Technologies' products and the way they work together.

Skilled employees

Stella is a leader in Australia in high-quality marine equipment. They import, distribute, design, create, install, build, and repair products for marine applications. They ensure that boat owners, builders and the industry receive world-class parts and equipment. Their skilled employees also provide unparalleled technical knowledge and solutions on site. Stella innovates the marine industry!

Understanding what we sell

David: "I have known Andrew Pedlingham, Exalto's International Sales Manager for many years. I would even dare to describe our relationship as 'friendship'. At Stella, we see our products as technical equipment: we want to understand what we are selling. When, after a few years, we were offered the chance to distribute Exalto's wipers for the whole of Australia, we seized the opportunity with both hands!"

Best wipers

"I think Exalto Wiper Technologies' wipers are the best wipers in our market," David continues. "We are grateful that they are part of our product range. We always thought we could generate more sales for the wipers, and that has come true. We have managed to convince almost all major Australian shipbuilders of the quality of Exalto Wiper Technologies' products."

Added value

David: "I think the added value of our cooperation is our technical knowledge. We are engineers and therefore know exactly in what way and for what application the wipers are suitable," says David. "In doing so, we can read and write with the people at Exalto Wiper Technologies! We all have a similar background and speak the same language in that respect. We all have ample experience in the maritime industry and complement each other."

Exceptional relationship

Although the distance between Australia and the Netherlands could hardly be greater, the relationship between Stella and Exalto is exceptional. "We are very well supported from the Netherlands: they are on top of things and are precise and punctual. We are proud to distribute their products." David, in conclusion: "We visit trade fairs in Europe, Andrew recently travelled in Australia and when we are in Amsterdam, they pay for the beer!"

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