23 Februari 2023
Exalto Wipers in action

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about moving footage? We value our relationships and the tough conditions in which they sometimes must work. One of our good customers is Safehaven Marine. Managing Director, Frank Kowalski showed us this footage of their vessels in action. Did you think our wipers could handle this?

All weather vessels

Safehaven Marine is specialised in building 'all weather' pilot boats and S.A.R. (search and rescue) vessels designed to operate in very rough weather conditions with waves up to six meter and winds up to force ten. Not only the vessels, but also the parts must withstand these conditions. It is good to hear that our heavy-duty wipers are up to the job. Frank Kowalski endorses: “We have found that Exalto wipers are extremely durable, and able to survive even when operating in tough conditions in large breaking seas when solid water impacts the windscreen, the Exalto wipers continue to work effectively even in such harsh conditions.” 

Inhouse expertise

Making wipers resistant to the forces of crashing waves requires precise engineering and manufacturing. Exalto Wipers has all this expertise under one roof. From design to production, testing and maintenance. The company has a complete test facility to ensure that systems meet the standards, and that quality is maintained over time. This has been our mission since the beginning: offering excellent quality, performance reliability and safety to satisfy the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers.

Special thanks again to Frank Kowalski for showing us our equipment at work in this amazing footage. To find out more about our heavy-duty wipers, visit this product page. Do you have footage of our products in action? Show us! 

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