16 May 2024
New LED control panel for marine applications launched

We’re excited to introduce the LED control panel, a ground-breaking addition for marine vessels! Designed to control systems from 2 to 5 wipers in combination with a relay box.

Exalto Wipers - led control panel

The new LED control panel has several impressive features.

Efficient & enjoyable

This panel makes navigation both more efficient and more enjoyable. Its glass front provides a modern look while withstanding the rigors of marine conditions. Equipped with a 5" IPS LCD screen, it provides clear and crisp visibility in all conditions.

Touch screen

The interaction with the device is exceptionally intuitive, thanks to the touchscreen, which allows users to easily navigate through the settings. This makes the controller versatile and gives it a modern look. Additionally, multiple control panels can be operated. The panel is designed for both 12 and 24 Vdc, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of ships.

Pioneering role

One of the most notable aspects of the control panel is that it is fully configurable. This means that you can customize the system to your own specifications and connect it to our existing relay boxes. Thus, it is a logical replacement for, or alternative to, the wiper control CT3. With this innovation, we reaffirm our leadership role in the industry and the development of high-quality products that contribute to safety and comfort at sea. The LED control panel will be available soon: pre-order now!

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