17 May 2023
Inside salesman Marc van Beest: 'I am in my place'

Marc van Beest from Lexmond has been with us for more than a year. He started as a temporary employee in March 2022 and has been a permanent employee since April 2023. In other words, it's time to get to know him better!

Exalto Wiper Technologies - Marc van Beest

Marc is 21 years old. During the COVID period, he spent more time at home than he would have liked. With the help of an employment agency, he started looking for a commercial job. "That was what I was interested in, without any specific training," he says.

An immediate good feeling

Marc: "I worked for my father's company and got involved in e-commerce. Besides my commercial ambitions, I needed something more stable". He came into contact with Exalto Wiper Technologies through the employment agency. "I interviewed a number of companies. But here I immediately had a good feeling! And vice versa, as I was quickly invited for a follow-up interview.

From start to finish

As an inside salesman, Marc mainly works on the 'marine side' of our wipers. "I am involved in the sales process from start to finish: requesting a quote, processing the order and customer service. When customers have questions or problems, I try to solve them. Sometimes I know the answer myself, sometimes I have to pass the question on to a colleague.

A clear picture

Marc: "When I started here, I worked for a long time with a colleague who showed me around. It certainly helped that I worked in the assembly department for four weeks. That gave me a clear picture of what is done and what is needed. I also taught myself a few things. And, of course, there are always colleagues to ask if I have any questions!

Encouraged to develop

These colleagues are another reason why Marc likes it so much. "I really like it: I have nice colleagues and the work is varied. I really fit in here!" Exalto Wiper Technologies is also a good choice for his future: "I learn a lot. There are also career opportunities: this was discussed before I started my permanent job. For example, I think it would be interesting to visit large dealerships abroad. At Exalto Wiper Technologies you are encouraged to develop!

The good feeling of satisfied customers

Marc lives with his parents and his two-year-older brother. Sport is a daily activity. "I do fitness, I used to play football and I like to try new sports. Marc loves to travel: "Norway is my next destination!"

His work at Exalto Wiper Technologies also involves a lot of contact with foreign customers. This is definitely a source of energy: "It gives me a good feeling when I can help customers and they show that they are satisfied with our services, that they feel seen!

Has Marc's story got you interested in a job at Exalto Wiper Technologies? Then please contact us. We would like to meet you!

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