20 december 2022
‘Huge diversity for engineers’

If one thing becomes clear, talking to the four engineers at Exalto Wiper Technologies, it is the enormous diversity in their work. Martin Buitendijk, Robert de Koning, Robbert Exalto and Wouter Boer talk about the products they develop and how they do it.

engineers speaking

The division between wipers for clients in Rail or in Marine differs quite a bit in attention during the engineering process. Wouter: "I think the ratio is maybe eighty-twenty (Rail - Marine)!"

Strict regulations

"This is mainly due to the strict regulations that apply to the production of wiper systems for trains," Robbert adds to him. "The rules explicitly apply in terms of safety and weather conditions the train will be running in." Robert: "It is actually always tailor-made. Rail often involves large and long-term projects. No train is the same, and the fitting of wipers should not raise too many questions."

Involved from start to finish

Broadly speaking, an engineer is involved in a project from start to finish. Robert: "I mainly focus on Rail. Because of customization, there is a lot of interaction with the client. Communication is important: specifications have to be implemented in the design, adjustments have to be made and even after the quotation phase, the engineer, in collaboration with the sales department, is usually the contact person for the customer."


Moving to a different position within Exalto Wiper Technologies, Martin focuses mainly on small orders. "I support my colleagues whenever possible. For example, updating the library, transferring 3D files to 2D, adjusting the shape and length of wiper arms or modifying the motor mechanism of the wiper system." Robbert: "It's really nice that we can put those kinds of questions to Martin, although he should also have time for his other tasks." Martin: "I mainly deal with safety, quality and the environment, but am happy to help my colleagues if I can help them with anything."

Standard work
Robbert: “In theory, I am an engineer, but I also deal with the after-sales for Rail. For Marine, I take care of all the projects. That is often, much more than for Rail, standard work. We usually develop large unique series there to a much lesser extent; the same wipers are used on different ships for both pleasure and commercial shipping. The lead time of these projects is therefore normally much shorter."

Many variables
Martin: "That doesn't mean that wipers for Marine are 'simpler' than for Rail. There are so many variables that all the different wipers have to meet: speed, weather conditions, fresh or seawater, pests: too many to mention!" Wouter: "The load is very different, for example for a pilot boat that has to go out to sea in all weathers, or for a pleasure yacht that will only sail in good weather."

Developments continue
Wouter continues: "You see, there is a lot on our plate. And developments are not standing still. The importance of electronics compared to mechanics is increasing. That is why we are still looking for a colleague with an electrical engineering background, see the vacancy on our website for this!" Robert, concluding: "It is very nice that we can make use of each other's skills and experience. We look with each other whenever someone has questions!"

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