25 January 2024
Guide to choose marine wipers - Part 3

How do you determine which wiper you need? We offer clear methods for that! By following these guides, you’ll ensure finding the optimal wiper for your ship and the conditions it faces.

Exalto Wiper Technologies - part 3

This is part 3 of our guide to finding the right wiper. Next, we’ll focus on the calculator.

All Maritime Environments

Exalto produces top-notch professional maritime wiper systems for all types of vessels in both commercial and leisure sectors. Our wipers are designed for use in all maritime environments.

Step 1: What is your window height

The size and shape of the glass determine the necessary motor, arm, and blades for window wiping. The larger the wiping surface, the larger the arms and blades needed to cover that surface.

Step 2: Depending on your window height, choose the motor

The larger the arms and blades, the more robust the motor needs to be. Therefore, we've categorized our products into sections: large windows (1100-2500 mm high), medium, and small windows (up to 1100 mm high).

Step 3: Based on the chosen motor, select the arm and blade

We offer a wide range of high-quality motors, innovative arms, durable blades, controls, and washing systems. This way, we assemble a complete wiping system that meets specific preferences and requirements. Our wiping systems are made from premium materials for years of reliable operation. The wiper systems are designed in our own research and development center and have undergone intensive testing.

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