05 January 2023
Father and son on the shop floor

We are a real family business! One of the ways this is reflected are the family ties on the shop floor. For example, both father and son Visser work for us. They even sit next to each other in our wiper department!

father and son Visser

Jeffrey visited Exalto as a small boy. “I went with my father and worked in the warehouse as a side job during the summer holidays!” Edwin Visser has now been working with us for 33 years: “I started in the wholesale business, did the packing work for propulsion, and now I have been working in the warehouse and on the windscreen wiper dispatch for about fifteen years.”

Windscreen wipers

Edwin: “We supply wipers for shipping and trains. The wipers consist of numerous parts, and we make sure all the necessary parts are computerised.” Jeffrey adds: “Apart from order processing, we also plan the logistics: making sure the deliveries end up right worldwide!”


Edwin: “In recent years, we have been developing new wipers mainly for trains. As things got busier and busier, the need arose to take care of order processing ourselves. Previously, that was outsourced to another department.” “And that's where I came in,” Jeffrey continues. “I had been working at Wholesale in the warehouse on a temporary basis since January 2020: running out orders and other common tasks.” Edwin: “We were looking for support and Jeffrey fit the bill perfectly.” Jeffrey: “I have an education to become a branch manager for wholesale. Before that, I also worked in retail. And now I have a permanent position here!”


And so, father and son now sit side by side in the office. As mentioned, they take care of the orders and Jeffrey plans the logistics. But it's not like their colleagues notice much of this father-son relationship. “At Exalto, we are colleagues,” says Edwin. Jeffrey adds: “Here it's just ‘Edwin’ and ‘Jeffrey’ to each other: at home I say dad again.” Edwin: “And the cooperation is great! We understand each other very well and complement each other!” Jeffrey hastens to say that it's not easy all the time: “We really don't always agree with each other. But a good discussion does lead to the best result for Exalto!”


Edwin is 56 years old. Jeffrey, at 24, is still at the beginning of his career. “Of course, I have ambitions to grow! Exalto is a nice company and I have very nice colleagues. Maybe I can succeed my father when he retires, or a position becomes available in another place...”

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