13 December 2022
‘Traditionally a close relation’

John Paul is general manager of Exalto Emirates. As the largest distributor and online retailer of marine equipment in the Middle East, their relationship with Exalto Wiper Technologies goes back a long way. That relationship is not based solely on sharing the name. John praises the quality of our marine wipers.

team Exalto Emirates

John is from the Netherlands and has lived in various Gulf states for 25 years. He has worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and in the United Arab Emirates.


Since Exalto Emirates came under new ownership in 2009, it has rapidly expanded its services and product range. John Paul came to the helm as general manager. He steered its transformation from a small, local marine equipment supplier to the dominant player it is today.

Ship manufacturers

Exalto Emirates supplies electrical and mechanical marine parts and equipment to ship manufacturers across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. With their own service center, they offer their customers in the region support and technical advice on installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

Top four brands

John: “We have been working with Exalto Wiper Technologies for a very long time. Exalto in the Netherlands is of course our original namesake. I count Exalto Wiper Technologies' wipers among the top-4 brands in the world. The cooperation goes well, the production is technically high-quality. We actually never have any complaints or warranty work!”

Mutual appreciation

John continues: “Our customers range from commercial, pleasure and military boat builders, to service companies and dry docks. Our retail customers are served through a large dealer network. With their technical support, Exalto Wiper Technologies supports us when needed. The personal relationship, with Fons, Andrew and André, is also very good and we work together very well. Because of our common background, we are closer than with other suppliers. There is mutual appreciation, and our relation is close.”

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