25 May 2023
Engineering capabilities 

One of the strengths of Exalto Wiper Technologies is the ability to really help clients when the standardized wiper systems are not suitable. Our engineering team has many years of experience making unique designs that require the specific demands of the client. Fons Miltenburg (business development) explains the distinctive engineering capabilities of Exalto Wiper Technologies by giving several examples of real-life engineering challenges.


Unique design challenges

I’m sometimes asked if working with windshield wiper systems isn't boring. Certainly not! EWT supplies specific project-developed systems that are used all over the world and have many local requirements and wishes. The Exalto Wiper Technologies engineering team is confronted daily with design challenges that are special and not obvious. Usually, a specification is the basis for a design of a new, for example rail project. Often, in consultation with the customer's engineering team, a step-by-step plan is made for a system that meets all the requirements.

Emergency exit with a wiper system

A project that immediately comes to mind is the KIWI project for a rail operator in New Zealand. We were asked to design a full windscreen wiper system for two windows in front of the cabin. One normal window, but another window that functions as an emergency door and where the wiper system must not interfere with the safe evacuation of people from the train. It seemed like a mission impossible, but through consultation, creativity, and perseverance, a well-functioning system was eventually designed and produced that is being used successfully!

Cabin conversion

Another project, also for a rail OEM builder, where the challenge was to convert the traditional European cabin characteristics to an American model. This entire design process took at least three years, because this had to be a fundamental change in the looks of the train. Exalto Wiper Technologies engineering was then ready with three different designs to enable the development of the metamorphosis of the train looks. After intensive work, an efficient model was chosen that guarantees an extremely long life. We look forward to delivering the first sets in 2023 after organizing an initial inspection and test with the customer before the first delivery.

Rain sensor for rail

Another development project was the introduction of a rain sensor. Countless units are available for an ordinary automotive glass windscreen. For rail, however, we work with multi-layered glass windscreens of many millimetres, sometimes centimeters thick. Most automotive rain sensors will not work here. Our Exalto Wiper Technologies engineering team has succeeded in combining components from different industries to make and sell a rail compliant rain sensor. Many have been successfully operating for many years.

First-class test center

With the move to the new building in July this year, a first-class test center will also be opened for the development and (endurance) testing of all our components and systems for marine and rail applications. The test centre is sustainably designed and will use collected rainwater for the tests and all electricity will be produced by its own solar panels. Batteries have been installed for the electricity that is used in the evening and night. This new test centre will facilitate and further encourage our development drive.

Need a unique design and want to use the engineering capabilities of Exalto Wiper Technologies? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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