20 October 2022
Durable rail wiper systems with the highest quality

What started with a question from a rail engineer at a marine trade fair, has developed into a successful provider of wiper systems for a variety of train models! Exalto Wiper Technologies has a clear vision for the future of rail wipers. Fons Miltenburg explains it all in this article. 

20 years of growth

The rail engineer mentioned was our first customer and ever since we started to professionalize. 20 years later, we grew enormously in the rail industry. Nowadays, we operate for several very loyal customers. Exalto Wiper Technologies is recognized by the rail industry, and that showed again last week at InnoTrans in Berlin, the world’s largest trade fair for rail transport technology. We showed four innovations that attracted a lot of interest.

We develop rail wipers for mostly regional- and inter-city trains. Another type of our wipers is produced for trams and metros. At this moment, our ambition is to increase this applicationwith an additional series of new wiper systems.

Quality wipers

The development of a correct rail wiper system is a challenge due to the many requirements that must be met. This is different from the marine industry. Therefore, we doubled the number of engineers and assigned a quality management department in the past years. With this professionalization, we are dedicated to reach the quality the rail industry demands.

Research & development

To reach the highest quality, we focus on research and development. Exalto has a permanent test facility for endurance and development testing. Our new facility in Hardinxveld-Giessendam will house even more testing facilities. We innovate with the aim to stretch the technical lifetime of our components. This has many benefits: lower maintenance costs, a longer technical lifetime and therefore less waste. A win-win situation for our customers and the environment!

The environment is overall an important subject in our current business operations. We take a big step in the right direction with our new facility by, for example, solar panels and using rainwater for our test facility. Overall, our goal is to be completely zero emission by 2030.


Who better to inform us about the performance of our wipers, than the people who use them on a daily basis! Our end-users teach us a lot about the performance, durance, and problems of our end systems. That is why we want to make time to meet regularly. To proactively engage with our end-users and set up programs to monitor even better how our systems are performing. Bases on these results, we can improve our wiper components. 

Concluding, we have a clear vision in mind for our rail wiper systems. Durable, reliable, and safe wipers with the highest quality by research and development. Clearly, the best wipers for your train, tram, metro, or locomotive!

Do you want to know more about our rail wiper systems or about us? Then click on the links or contact us. 

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