9 November 2023
Dealer God Power speaks

God Power International has been a dealer in Taiwan for Exalto Wiper for many years. We have been working together for the last twenty-five years! A good time for God Power International to have a word with us about this special relationship and how it came about. In Taiwan, more than 70% of the shipyards and customers choose the products of Exalto Wiper!

Exalto Wiper Technologies - God Power International

Being the best

Our company is based in Koahsiung, Taiwan. We are dealer and distributor of several well-known brands for the marine industry, including Exalto Wiper. We like to be the best: the best partner and best choice. That view fits perfectly with how Exalto Wiper operates: clearly the best!

Exhibition in Singapore, 1998

Before we started working with Exalto Wiper, God Power had another brand of wiping systems. We immediately noticed the quality and range when we were introduced to Exalto Wiper's products! At a boat show in Singapore in 1998, Rock from God Power and sales manager Henk from Exalto Wiper had a meeting. That's when the collaboration began! Initially by supplying products, which worked immediately: the products started to be sold! Later, God Power became an Exalto Wiper dealer.

Quality and a wide range

God Power supplies marine wiper systems, engine mounts and Recaro seats from Exalto Wiper, of which the wiper systems are the most important. At the time, the range of products offered by Exalto Wiper stood out to us in a very positive way. Not only was the quality very high, but customers could choose from a variety of wiper systems: light-, medium- and heavy-duty. Exalto's products could be customised to the customer's specific needs, which was a huge added value compared to other providers. In addition, thanks to the high quality of the products, the customer had a reliable wiper system that had a long service life!

A unique relationship

The fact that we have worked together for more than twenty-five years does say something about the good relationship we have built with each other. The service from Exalto Wipers is reliable and fast. We always get the right support within a short time if needed. So, for God Power, Exalto Wiper has been a reliable and good friend for a long time!

Exalto Wiper can guarantee high quality products and service all over the world thanks to good and reliable dealers. We are therefore immensely proud of this long-standing partnership with God Power in Taiwan! All our dealers can be found here.

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