26 October 2023
Continuous Improvement: "Stagnation is Regression"

It's a well-known saying that certainly applies to the services of Exalto Wiper Technologies. We are continually working on improving our products and the underlying processes. This summer, with the relocation to our new facility in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, we've taken another step.

Martin Buitendijk is our QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment) manager. He can explain how we distinguish ourselves in the areas of quality, health, safety, and the environment like no one else.

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Short lines of communication

"In feedback from our clients about our services, terms like 'collaboration,' 'creativity,' and 'short lines of communication' often come up," Martin explains. "Requests that come through the sales department are promptly addressed and relayed by our engineering department. Our engineers are in direct contact with the engineers of our clients. This direct communication with the customer is certainly a strength."

Optimal testing facilities

"Another advantage of our way of working is that we have excellent testing facilities at the new site. Martin: "For example, we have a number of tilting stainless steel frames with train windows as standard, where we can test and report (record) the functionality of the wipers we have developed under most conditions.

Prototyping with 3D printing

Another is the use of a 3D printer. "This saves enormously on development costs and time! Martin: "By printing and testing prototypes ourselves in three dimensions, our engineers are able to make any necessary adjustments to the design quickly, in consultation with the customer. By printing and testing prototypes of small products, they only go into production after approval and can be delivered in large(er) quantities by a specialist 3D printing company. Efficient, effective and a benefit of short lines of communication.


"As a result, quality remains high. Testing, feedback, anticipation and improvement is a continuous process," continues Martin. "We outsource the production of 'make parts': we assemble the individual parts into the final product. On arrival, the parts go through a rigorous inspection process. If they match the drawing, assembly, testing and certification follow. In this way, we are constantly taking our quality to the next level.

Improvement goals

"Our direct communication, anticipation and rapid response are very important to our customers. It is appreciated and is an essential part of the quality we deliver. We have set ourselves improvement targets, which we work on step by step. This creates a chain reaction throughout the supply chain: our suppliers also meet the quality standards we set for ourselves.


Martin gives an example of quality combined with a meticulous process: "For a high-speed train, we developed a windscreen wiper wash unit that works optimally even at speeds of 230 kilometres per hour. We spent some time developing and testing a type of nozzle (the sprayer) on the wiper. One of the things we did was to increase the spray capacity. It has been an ongoing process and we recently received final approval!

Ongoing process

Martin: "It was a process that took several years! Typical of the short lines is the continuous development and interaction. The result is a complete wiper system consisting of a wiper drive unit, wiper arms, wiper blades and a complete wash unit with associated components. Our strength is that we move forward structurally together with our customers! He concludes: "In addition to the short lines, incoming inspections, tests, certifications, after-sales service and communication with the customer, an electrical engineer has recently joined our team. This also adds value to the quality of our services, as there are more and more electrical questions from our customers regarding digitisation, protection classes against dust/sand and weather influences, wiper motors with different voltages, and so on."

If you would like to learn more about our process or our products, please contact us.

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