23 March 2023
‘Back on familiar ground’

Christiaan Noorlander has returned to familiar ground! Between 2008 and 2014, he spent six years working on propeller shafts and rudders as an engineer propulsion. Since February, he has strengthened our engineering team at Exalto Wiper Technologies!


“With my mechanical engineering background, I also worked in the automotive industry. As a mechanic, I know how manual work has to be done.”

Pleasant company culture

Christiaan: “The vacancy for engineer at Exalto Wiper Technologies immediately appealed to me. I have always found the corporate culture very pleasant. In terms of work content, this job suits me: I find machines and parts that are constantly in motion extremely interesting. I saw this opportunity as a great new challenge!”

Regulations and documentation

Once at the interview, Christiaan immediately recognized the pleasant corporate culture again. “We were quickly on the same page! In my position, I am involved in developing and building wipers for marine and trains. My field of work is mainly the train industry. Developing wipers for trains is very laborious, partly due to the regulations and documentation required from a safety perspective. From previous experience, I am familiar with the importance of documentation. In addition to my work as an engineer, my job is therefore to keep that documentation process on track. Combined with working with the 3D drawing application SOLIDWORKS, it is very interesting work!”

Comfortable in working environment

Christiaan: “I feel comfortable in my new working environment. I am given time and space to master the working methods. My interest is also in standardizing processes to increase efficiency and make work easier. When these processes are optimal, we can fully focus on engineering wipers. Moreover, we also engage in research and development.”

Hobby and profession at the same time

Christiaan is 52 years old and lives with his wife in Maasdam. They have grown-up children, aged 21 and 24. “Besides my work, I have a passion for music," Christiaan explains. "I am a drummer and have played in a cover band. I enjoy that teamwork and making music together. I also find it interesting to work with CAD packages: I like to spend time improving processes and inventing new features. My hobby and profession are very much intertwined in that respect.”

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