23 November 2023
‘Choosing between electrical engineering and water sports’

Exalto Wiper Technologies had been in search for an electrical engineer for some time. As it turned out, expertise in electrical engineering was a valuable complement to our existing mechanical expertise. The solution came close at hand: Christiaan Meerkerk, a graduate specialized in embedded systems, has been an invaluable member of our engineering team since May.

Exalto Wiper Technologies - Christiaan Meerkerk electrical engineer

"After graduating, I immersed myself in my other passion, water sports, for six months. Throughout my studies and even before and after, I always found joy in working at Klop Watersport's workshop.

Water sports versus electrical engineering

Upon graduating, Christiaan received an offer from Exalto Wiper Technologies but opted to continue in the marine industry. While he relished working on boats in that field, his ardor for electrical engineering persisted. Faced with the decision between water sports and electrical engineering, Christiaan chose the latter. It wasn't an easy choice, yet the challenges at Exalto Wipers truly resonated with him. He adds, "Moreover, both parties were aware of each other's expectations, making it a familiar and known territory."

Added value

Christiaan emphasizes, "As an electrical engineer, I can truly make an impact. I bring new knowledge that enhances the existing mechanical processes at Exalto Wiper Technologies. As a recent graduate, my focus remains on personal development. By offering support on electrical engineering matters, I'm gradually gaining more influence in the product development process."

Explore and collaborate

"Our aim is to proactively develop products," Christiaan continues. "We want to showcase our capabilities in electrical engineering to customers. This approach enables us to handle technical specifications internally and retain patents in-house." He is currently in a phase of active self-improvement. "We're exploring, asking questions, and collaborating," he remarks.

Combination of mechanics and electronics

Christiaan notes: "In most instances, the projects I'm involved in are a blend of mechanics and electronics. In this realm, I'm a team player, whereas in the electrical domain, I tend to work more independently. Engaging in the mechanical aspects already teaches me a great deal, given the similarities in our working methodologies."

Problem solving

"For a major project, I collaborate with an external party in the electrical engineering field. I take proactive steps by brainstorming and proposing potential solutions. Additionally, I tackle smaller projects, seeking solutions to customer issues, like a windscreen wiper motor burning out. What might be the cause? Is it the motor itself or the circuitry behind it? Through simulation software, reconstructing setups, and motor analyses, I get closer to the right solution."

An inspiring workplace

Concluding, Christiaan remarks, "I'm presently involved in creating a dashboard for a trade fair, part of a presentation setup. This will offer visitors a realistic view of how windscreen wipers operate on trains. I'm also engaged in programming. Alongside numerous challenges, I find pleasure in the working atmosphere: "I'm surrounded by great colleagues, enjoy ample freedom, and thrive in a stimulating work environment."


At 27 years old, Christiaan resides with his girlfriend in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Beyond work hours, he dedicates his time to his other passion. "I own a speedboat, the fastest in the village! I'd like to work on it and take trips across the Merwede, where the waves can't be big enough for me. My house is near the boat ramp, and the boat rests on a trailer in the garden. All my free time, especially in the summer, revolves around water sports with friends who share the same enthusiasm!"

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