Heavy Duty wiper systems • HD motors


HD1 Wiper motor 255BS


This new model is the replacement for the 250BS. The motor is stronger and has an assembled plug. Self-parking wiper motor for bulkhead mounting. The 255BS is a powerful wiper with dual driven shafts. It can clean windows up to a height of 1600 mm. With a torque of 55 Nm, this wiper can drive arms upto 1 meter in length and blades upto 1.2 metres. This motor has insulated earth return as a standard. The wiping angle of this wiper motor is steplessly variable from 40° till 90°.
A cover for the wiper motor 255BS series is available.

Max. arm length:

Up to 1000 mm in length

Max. blade length:

Up to 1200 mm in length

Diameter drive shaft:

Ø20 mm

Diameter idler shaft:

Ø20 mm

Centre distance shafts:

60 mm

Driven shafts:


Arm type: