Heavy Duty wiper systems • HD arms


HD2 Wiper arms P12


The P12 arms are specially designed for the powerful 285BS and 2120BS wiper. The Exalto P12 arm will be manufactured to the required length. Please, note that therefore they have a longer delivery time. The P12 is not adjustable in length. The P12 arm is made of stainless steel 316 and has seawater resistant brass heads. A black coating is applied as a standard to prevent refl ection. The Exalto P12 arms have two adjustable springs, to adjust the pressure on the glass steplessly. By means of the swivelling blade clip, you can park your blades parallel to the window. We advise you to use the Exalto Heavy Duty (HD) blades in combination with this arm.

Centre distance shafts:

60 mm