Exalto produces the world’s best professional marine wiper systems. Exalto makes wiper systems for all kind of vessels in the  commercial and leisure sectors . Our wipers are designed for use in all marine environments.

Exalto offers a wide range of high performance motors, innovative arms, durable blades, controls and washing systems. In this way Exalto can compile a complete wiper system that fulfils the specific demands and wishes of the customer.

Exalto wipers have stainless steel shafts  and fixings. The drive shafts run in self-lubricating brass bearings to ensure many hours of trouble-free performance. The wipers feature two speeds, self parking and offer in combination with one of our many control systems  intermittent speeds,  smart wipe/wash function and on certain system synchronized wiping

Making it Easy

We want to help you select the wiper system that’s best for your application. To streamline this process, we have a simple, one-page questionnaire that lets you provide us with the information we need to understand your specific requirements. From this information, we can recommend a wiper system just for you.  You can find this questionnaire on this page. Or, you can request one by emailing us at Email the completed form to us and we will respond with a detailed specification including recommended motor selection, arm and blade length, as well as details for a control and/or washing system.

Marine Wipers

Exalto Wiper Systems are made of high quality materials to assure many years of reliable work. The wiper systems are designed in our own Research & Development department and have undergone intensive testing.

Exalto offers complete systems. A typical wiper system contains the following components:

Wiper motor
Wiper arm
Wiper blade
Wiper control
Washing system

The size and shape of the glass that has to be wiped determine which motor, arm and blade are needed. The larger the wiping area, the larger the arms and blades have to be to cover the area. The larger the arms and blades are, the stronger the motor has to be.

Therefore we have divided our  products in sections: small and  medium sized widows (till 1100 mm in height) and large windows (1100-2100 mm in height).

LD Wipers

Exalto Light Duty LD systems

Our smallest, but with a great performance: the 215BD wiper set. The set contains motor, arm and blade and is suitable for non-commercial and commercial use. It is a complete range with matching arms, blades and control system.  See the LD fact sheet for dimensions and features.


Exalto MD1 Systems

The Mid range is divided in two specs, MD 1 and MD2

MD1 (23-35Nm)

Exalto offers eight wiper motors for small and medium sized windows up to 1100 mm in height. The 223KG in open and closed configuration is suitable for glass mounting, the 223BD/BDS, 232BD and 232XP for bulkhead mounting. For these four wiper motors Exalto designed the MD1 arms.



Exalto MD2 Systems

The Mid range is divided in two specs, MD 1 and MD2

MD2 (40Nm)

For windows up till 1600 mm height we have the strong, dual driven shaft 240BS motor with the matching MD2 wiper arms.


Exalto HD1 Systems

Ultra powerful line of wipers for finalizing the top range of yachts or commercial applications up and till   window heights of 2100 mm.  Both HD1 and HD2 have extreme power efficiency  with dual driven shaft arrangement and matching strong linkage systems  to transfer efficient power from the motor to your blades on the screen.

HD1 (55Nm)

Exalto offers this wiper motor 255BS for windows up till 1600 mm height
For these four wiper motors Exalto designed the matching HD1 arms.


Exalto HD2 Systems

Ultra powerful line of wipers for finalizing the top range of yachts or commercial applications up and till   window heights of 2100 mm.  Both HD1 and HD2 have extreme power efficiency  with dual driven shaft arrangement and matching strong linkage systems  to transfer efficient power from the motor to your blades on the screen.

HD2 (80-110Nm)

Exalto offers two wiper motors 280BS and 2110BS for windows up till 2100 mm height.
For these four wiper motors Exalto designed the matching HD2 arms.


Linkage systems

Type KW
The Exalto KW wiper system is custom-made, so in almost every situation the perfect solution can be offered. With one wiper motor a maximum of four arms can be driven. Main advantage of this wiper system is that the arms are easily adjustable in length.


External housings

The 223XBD external pantograph/pendulum style wiper system is ideally suited for installations where internally installation/space is not sufficient  and offer unmatched mounting flexibility and installation ease. The systems’ easily adjustable sweep angles, wiper arm lengths and spring pressure make the Exalto 223XBD easy to configure and install for a wide variety of window configurations.


Seaview Clear viewscreen

The CVS is totally different from the other wipers. It is a clear view screen. This means that the front part of the CVS rotates with a high speed. By the centrifugal force the area between the anodized aluminum stays free of rain. Comes with clear assembly instruction, a template for cutting the glass and an assembly tool. Optional is the control panel (surface or flush mount).

The Seaview Clearview Screen is Lloyds Registered, so it is proved to be a reliable system.


Straightline systems

To survive the rigors of the North Sea, our straight line wiper systems have been installed in some of the harshest environments and the most demanding applications, including

  • US Navy vessels
  • Energy and mining equipment
  • Tugs and push boats
  • Patrol and fire boats
  • Bulk carriers
  • North Sea offshore supply and handling vessels

Exalto Wiper Blades

The wiper blade is the final and performing part of your system. It supplies the end performance: a clean and bright clearance with a smooth sweep and a long life. Exalto offers complete Stainless Steel  (316) blade holders with a variety of natural rubbers. Select the right blade for you specific purpose. All blades are heavily lab and field tested and should bring you the best result.


Wiper Controls

Operating your wiper system no longer means either “ON” or “OFF”. Like today’s automobile wiper systems, wiper control systems now offer a long list of features to make your experience more enjoyable and trouble-free.

Most of our wiper systems feature two-speed motors (low/high).

Our controls take advantage of these two continuous speeds, as well as intermittent wiper operation. Most also allow for easy push-button control of a wiper washing system if one is installed. We offer individual switches or full-feature control panels with detailed LED displays to identify which motors are running and at what speeds. Many of our panels and switches will synchronize the wiping action of multiple wipers–even if they were turned on separately!


Washing System Components

More and more wiper installations are being fitted with washing systems to help clear the glass from salt spray, pollen and obstructions. Systems can be adapted to run off a pressurized water system or be plumbed to a stand-alone reservoir with a simple DC pump. We have all the elements required to plumb the system including solenoids, washing jets and more.

Washing jets can be mounted to the bulkhead or directly to the end of the arm. Arm-mounted jets are popular as they direct the washing fluid right where it’s needed with less wind interference.

Exalto Wiper Range Specs groot